The Palio Family

Family run, Italian restaurant making food with love since 1990.


—  Meet the Palio Family  —


Martino DiGrande

Born and raised in San Francisco, Martino comes from generations of restaurant owners and chefs. He became Palio d’Asti’s third owner in 2012, and has been refining the Palio name ever since. As the long time consummate maitre 'd at Palio, Martino's unparalleled expertise in hospitality makes everyone feel at home while they are here and keeps guests returning for years.


Jose Alberto Martinez

Co-Executive Chef
Jose Alberto's passion for continuing culinary education and mastering technique makes him a stand out chef in a very competitive industry. He is a seasoned veteran of the San Francisco restaurant scene having worked for years in fine establishments perfecting his craft. San Francisco resident for over 30 years, both brothers are originally from Mexico City.

Mauricio Martinez 

Co-Executive Chef
Mauricio has been creating mouthwatering specials at Palio since its inception in the 1990s. His vast culinary experience at some of the City's most famous restaurants lends itself well to creating our seasonal menu with a modern twist. He is also brother to Co-Executive Chef Jose Alberto Martinez.


Valeria DiGrande

Director of Sales
Valeria is Palio's Director of Sales, and has been creating memorable events for her clients at Palio for almost five years. Her extensive background in marketing and event planning ensures that Palio events are like no other. Valeria is also owner Martino DiGrande's wife, making Palio a true family business.


I throw a dinner party every night, and everyone is invited.
— Martino DiGrande